Fee's & Managing Cost

Costs in family law cases can quickly become a major problem for parents, and alongside the stress and time investment that accompanies navigating family court it can be difficult to cope with the demand.  We are not able to offer clients pro-bono, we simply don't have the resources to allow for that, and in all cases we bill in advance and hold money on account, asking clients to top up when the account funds become depleted.  That said, it is likely that assistance with your case on a like for like basis (or hourly rate comparison) with a firm of solicitors will be anything from 60% to 80% lower in cost.  But, in contrast to most family law firms we believe that our difference in approach will result in significantly fewer hours of support being required to reach agreement for the following reasons:

  1. Solicitors firms business objectives are to maximise billable hours, and it is common for disputes to be amplified and extended to achieve this.  Our objective at the outset is to resolve the issues that have led to your litigation as quickly and fairly as possible, ideally leaving both parents in as good shape as is possible in the circumstances they are faced with, so that they can go forward into a calm,  positive and healthy coparenting relationship.
  2. We encourage our clients to engage fully in creation of the work product required to conclude your case, much of this work is administrative, collation of evidence, seeking to fully understand the barriers to resolving the dispute and crafting solutions to overcome those barriers.  A fully engaged client will always achieve a better outcome sooner and at a substantially lower overall cost.  You are, afterall, the expert in your own case.  
  3. Where the opposing side is adversarial, we work hard to reduce the temperature of the dispute and highlight any attempts by them to inflame or prolong the case or avoid sensible resolution.  In our experience this makes them far more wary of continuing in that mode of conducting their clients case and more likely to engage with sensible approaches to resolving the dispute.  
  4. Self employed clients should discuss terms of engagment that will be beneficial in terms of lowering exposure to the cost of taxation. 

Fee Structure

* If you wish the additional reassurance of our work being overseen by SRA regulated family law solicitors including the benefit of their insurance, our work would be checked by a senior solicitor for accurancy and compliance, their fee would be on top of hour own fee's for the time taken to review work product and amend if necessary.  
** Limited to specified number of letters in dealing with this complaint, book a free 30 minute consultation for details

Invoicing and Payment

Clients are required to deposit funds on account, invoices will be generated for agreed work undertaken based on detailed entries to a timesheet that will be kept for all work undertaken.  The timesheet (example shown in the image below) will be kept in googlesheets and shared with the client on a non editable basis so that they can keep track of work being carried out and the cost of that work as matters progress.  Typically an invoice is drawn up as funds deplete to a level of £300 or so and the client will then be expected to top up the account.  Once funds are depleted work will have to pause until further funds on account are received.  We only work on a funds on account basis.