Navigating False Allegations

Typically our clients have been accused of some form of abuse that they tell us is untrue.  Being falsely accused is hugely hurtful and can often very frightening.  But falsely accused parents should neither lose hope nor respond with anger.  Where there are false allegations they can actually be helpful to gaining swift resolution, provided one doesnt fall into the trap of retaliating or behaviour that can be utilised by the other party (or their lawyers) as proof of their claims.  

Not only do allegations require proof that they have happened, but it is very often quite easy to demonstrate that allegations made have not or even could not have happened.  That take a client to step back from the allegation and review in the light of what was happening at the time, what communications their may be and what evidence there may be that conflicts with the claim/s that have been made.  I recorded the video below a few years back, its now had tens of thousands of views and their are hundreds of comments from grateful viewers stating how much it helped them with their own experiences.  

A Self Help Guide to False Allegations in Family Court